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The Z has a staggered wheel&tire set up.
You will note the rear tire is slightly larger.
A wider wheel is used for the tire.

No problem using a wheel .5 larger in the front.
You would hardly notice the difference.

Don't know about the Rays but on the regular OEM wheels
on earlier Z's there is a bolt of sorts off the hub that is there
to make sure the wheel is put in the correct location.
This bolt is easily removed. In fact it has to be removed if aftermarket
wheels are installed.

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The reason the 350Z track model used staggered Rays alloys was to reduce oversteer and promote greater rear traction on a RWD sportscar. The shimmed bolt EuroZ is talking about was to prevent accidental rotation of F&R tires, but as he says, the bolt can be easily removed and some have purchased 8.5" OEM Rays for use in a square setup.
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