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Location: Pomona / El Monte, California

Condition: 1200 miles on tires

Payment terms Pickup only/Ship: Paypal or cashier's check, money order, cash

Mileage (for non electronics): 1200miles

Description: 18" OEM Factory Chrome Rim + Wheel + TPS

Contact- email/PM/phone: [email protected]

18" OEM Factory Chrome Rim + Wheel + TPS

Installed sets of RH J8 awhile ago and didn't really had the time to take some pictures of these rims to get rid of them. But here they are now.

eBay Link for Rim + Tire

4 Nissan Factory Chrome 18" Rims and Wheels

Chrome NISSAN center cap, chrome lug nuts, 1 chrome wheel lock for each wheel, and a wheel lock key.

Tire: 225/45R18 (Front) 245/45/R18 (Rear) Bridgestone Potenza

Rim: 18x8JJ30

Treadwear: 140 Temperature: A Traction A

Tire Pressure Sensors included.

Tire Condition: Driven for approximately 1200 miles and taken off. No track, no racing, during break-in period. Please see pictures below for tread.

NO curb rashes. Minor nicks on one rim. For pictures on the nicks, please see the eBay listing for details.

If anyone needs further pictures, feel free to contact me.

I can be PMed here, but prefer email at [email protected] since I check that more often.[attachmentid=11515][attachmentid=11516]


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