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[1/15/05] Cincy meet....

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[1/15/05] Cincy ZCCo_Org meet....
ok guys, this is very important....

I just got off the phone with Mike Monroe, the president of the local Z club here in Cincinnati. He is looking for "young blood" in the club and said that the club needs some young enthuists to bring the spark back to the club.

They are having an executive meeting Saturday Jan. 15, 2005 in Tri-county. The meeting is at Lotus Buffet Oriental Resturaunt, a chinese restuaraunt, at 4:00PM.
The resturaunt is at 11580 Chester Road Cincinnati 45246

Go there and it will lead you to driving directions.

I would love to see as many Z owners as possible show up at that meeting. Mike said they really want to see some new faces and that the meeting is supposed to be for their EXECS only but personally invited me and whoever else I can get to show up with me. I want to see PUSH, BoopZ, bgwillyIS300, Naive, MikeEwithTheZ, Faluzure, and anyone else that can make it. They are planning a big display at an AutoExpo and asked that we come and help them plan it and possibly showcase one of our cars in it along with a brand new 350Z Annv. Edition from King's Nissan. I will be there definently and would really like to see everyone that was there Saturday night show up again this Saturday so we can get their club up and running and give it a new face lift so that it feels like ours

Please let me know if you can make it. Either post here, PM me, email me ( [email protected] ), or call me and let me know 812-221-0421. I look forward to a nice turn out this Saturday

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are there any Z owners on here from the Cincinnati area? If so post up here or follow this link and post there:)
come on people, there isn't anyone from the Cincinnti are on this website???
I'm here buddy... I'm planning to attend. however I don't know if I can make it on timesince I have to help a friend move and pick my wife up at CVG at 7:00 PM. Hopefully I can go over there to meet the crew and jet after a little while. Let me know if this is OK.
juanjo_z, come join us for as long as you can. The more the merrier....there are 5 350z owners that are meeting at Best Buy in Tri-county at 3:30 on saturday and then are going to cruise to the Chinese place together....
Are they members of this forum or motoring? If so, what are their names and nicknames? PM me
from Remind the Cincy guys of the Midwest Z Event in July; Mike may be familiar with the columbus club. We would like to see as many members as possible make the trip up in July, and for that matter, hook up with us for a drive this summer!
Well, I live in the Dayton Area. I just came across this thread. During the winter I keep the Z put away. I wont be able to make it to the meeting because of other commitiments today.

I dont regularly visit 350z-tec usually I'm over on my350 but I'm liking what I see. I'll keep closer tabs for now on. There are a few other Z owners at my350z that might be interested as well.

Sounds like common events between ZROC and ZCCO would be a good thing if membership is an issue.
meeting went really well, there was a better turn out from the 350z guys that were potential new ZCCO members than I expected. From everything that was talked about in the meeting, this year should be a very active year for the club. I will be revamping their website and getting it up to par as soon as I can. Come join us at the Cincinnati AutoExpo at the Cincinnati Convention Center Feb 16-20 and you can meet with some folks from the club and get an idea of what we have planned for the rest of the year.

If anyone is interested in me emailing, calling, or snail mailing you info on upcoming events please email all your info to [email protected] so I can compile a list to keep everyone informed of all the events.
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