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Hello i am working on some timing work on my 2008 350z touring. The tensioner on the passenger side cam timing assembly wont compress. The drivers side will easily compress down, i can use 1 finger and it will compress all the way down. The other side i will push down with lots of force and it will barely even budge, and after it does move down just slightlyyy it wont budge at all. I would really not like to remove the tensioner as i am pretty inexperienced in engine work, and with the tensioner being stuck all the way out it will be a huge pain to slide the chain off because you have to remove the chain, and gears to even get to the tensioner. I'm already suprised ive made it as far as i have without breaking anything. But i also realize that timing is something you want go be extra cautious.
Does anyone know if there's anything i can do to get the tensioner unstuck?
Would it be fine to leave alone because its stuck out so it will keep the chain tension?(i know it probably wont but cant hurt to ask).
If i do have to replace for the tensioner how will i get the chain off with the tensioner all the way out, its already hard enough to get the chain off with the tensioner all the way compressed.
Any help is appreciated! I apologise for any stupid questions.
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