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After doing a lot of research (reading various forums, etc.) I decided that the 06 Bose head unit was improved enough to try -- so I could retain a stock look but gain features (such as aftermarket Aux connectivity).

Along with the upgrade to the 06 Bose HU, I replaced everything (added an amp & replaced all speakers -- Infinity Reference series all around). It all works and sounds fantastic!

The only remaining issue is my loss of steering wheel control and antenna amplifier power. It turns out the connector for this in the back of the Bose is different from the one on the base radio. I read somewhere that the right connector can be found under the dash -- that its just folded back somewhere. But I don't see anything. Can anyone verify this is true? And if not, is there an adapter? or pin-outs I could use to make one?

Thanks to anyone who can help...

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<div class=\'quotetop\'>QUOTE(Toykilla @ Jul 23 2006, 10:05 AM) [snapback]271139[/snapback]<div class=\'quotemain\'>
Hey that is awesome. Would you mind posting up exactly what you did and what was needed so that others could do the same ?

What I have today evolved over time (and $$$) -- it's a long story. But since you asked...

I started out with a base factory system.
Before I tell the whole tale - here's what I have today in summary:

<blockquote>2006 350Z BOSE Head Unit (got it here on eBay)
Infinity Reference REF7541A 4CH Amp
2 (Front/Rear) Unknown Brand of Line-out Converters between HU and AMP (Circuit City)

Infinity 'Reference' loudspeakers all around:
- 4 X REF6012I (doors and rear)
- Tweets and Crossovers in doors are from REF6010CS Component System (I blew the woofers and replaced them with a pair of the REF6012I's)

"Summed Output" from Infinity Amp feeds an Alpine MRP-M450 driving my Sub
Sub is Kicker Comp C104
For iPod Connectivity (Aux Inputs): PAC AAI-NIS2

First of all, when I say "I" did this, well that's a stretch! I had Circuit City do most of the work, which invlolved several visits. This truly scared me -- but I gritted my teeth and looked the other way and in the end they did a good job. (there is a little matter of a minor scratch to my interior which we are trying to work out...)

My goal was to have a quality sound system that would be able to play loud and clear -- even when I am cruising down the interstate at 80 with the top down. But, with no dashkit available at the time for 06's, I decided I wanted to stick with the stock look. And also, of course, I wanted to do it with as little expense as possible.

I started out by getting the Infinity Amp and all associated wiring (including these unidentified LOCs) with a pair of the coaxials up front and the Kicker in the stock subwoofer location behind the driver's seat. A lot of Dynamat and some foam (between the grate and the mounting surface) were required to make the woofer do its thing without any rattles or buzzes (I bought the stock subwoofer panel/grate from Nissan for $20).

This sounded great! But I missed having the tweeters up high.

So, I added the components to the front and moved the coaxials to the back. This is when I added the mono amp to drive the subwoofer.

At this point, life was good. I could play a CD and it would sound fantastic at just about any volume I could tolerate! But I really wanted to be able to play my iPod through the system. Still no dashkit.

Then I blew the woofers of the component system :doh:
I replaced these myself with a second pair of the coaxials -- and they sounded just as good. (would you believe better!?) :)

To get my iPod working, I bought the AAI-NIS2 as soon as it was available. I learned (for everyone -- since PAC wasn't even sure) that this would not work with the base radio (they had only tested the Bose system).

I was very leary at first about considering the Bose HU since it was obviously so problematic in the previous model years. But after a few months of reading the forums with new info trickling in about the changes that were made to the 06 unit, with still no dashkit available I decided to go for it. So, I bought the Bose HU and hooked up the aux adapter. These I installed my self (just screws and connectors and it was in). Result: AWESOME! I have to say that I am loving life with this system. I'd rather listen to tunes in my car than on my stereo at home!

However, it isn't perfect yet... I would like to figure out how to get the steering wheel controls back in play. It doesn't seem like there should be any issue other than adapting the connector from the base system...
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