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[06/12/05] Cruise for NismoZ33 21st B-day!!!!

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Ok everyone....I turn 21 on June 4th and dont plan on being able to drive sicne I will be heavily intoxicated all weekend

Any ways...I want to get as many Z cars together as possible from all the surrounding areas and cruise during the day on some back country roads down through Kentucky along the Ohio river until we reach Markland Dam, cross over into Indiana and cruise back up towards Cincinnati along the Ohio River until we reach Lawrenceburg, IN....that is where my parents live. Once we reach Lawrenceburg we will head to my parents house and we can start grilling out and playing cornhole or whatever else you all want to do....

I am still working on the exact route we will be taking but I figure we meet at Jillian's in Covington, Kentucky and head out from there. If we meet around 10:30 or 11 in the morning and start the cruise by 11 or 11:30 we should make it back to my parents by 4 and start the festivities.....

EVERYONE THIS IS FOR MY 21ST BIRTHDAY SO PLEASE COME AS MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!!!!!!!! all I want is for lots of people to show up so please try to....

As usual, add your name to the list if you think you can make it....

1. NismoZ33
2. MikeEwithTheZ
3. Push
4. Faluzure (maybe)
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Ummm, that sounds like a game played in a prison shower...
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