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Gave a :thumbsup: to a couple of guys in a Z today while on my way home. This story does get better. :wink: So as we're weaving through rush hour, I spy with my little eye a Camaro Z28 that was attracted to our 'scent.'

I slooooow down so the Z can catch up, and yes so does does the Z28 (dual beveled exhaust). I then noticed in my driver's side mirror that he gets on it, so I'm in third and stomp it. It wasn't much of a contest...I stayed ahead. He slows down to hang with the other Z. :shiftdrive:

As we continue on playing on the road, I looked over to my right because it seems we have attracted some more attention, except this time it's from a woman in a Galant who's admiring my Z. :irock: She smiles and waves, so I wave back. Now we have another fish in our pack. :wink: Did I mention she's cute from what I can see?

Finally, the other Z deftly maneuvers through tightass traffic and gets way ahead and leaves the Z28 and me behind. I don't think the Camaro wanted to play anymore, so I played with the Galant in a flirtatious kinda way. She passes me, smiles, I get behind her because that's all I can do at this point.

So now I'm thinking this must be the end (no pun intended). But what's this? She takes my exit! I finally pull up next to her at a light and she rolls down her window with a big smile and tells me that the car is cute and looks great! I laugh and thank her, then get in front of her to go home. Still, she's now going my way. :OMG:

So I watch her in the rearview to see where she's going, but she stays behind me at every intersection and turn. Finally, a block from my house, she turns on her signal and I :wavey: out the window and so does she. I think that's the longest admiration period of an anonymous enthusiast I've ever had on the road. :werd: Great way to end my day after a crappy day at work. :cheers:
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