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hey guys im really new out here at the forum and a new owner of a 350z. i need help and any ideas or suggestions may help me out. i purchased the car about a month ago, everything was fine till a week from now, that i started to notice a lack of power/acceleration and when this happened the cruise control does not get to work, set light blinks but cruise control does not get to set a desired speed. so i took it to the dealership. since i used all of my mechanic skills and knowledge and could not get to it. theres not a MIL on on nothing. not this problems is not there all the time like it comes and goes but is becoming more frequent. guys at the dealer told me many things and to be honest i dont think that they can even get to it apparently is a short on the wire that tells the computer that the car is braking. but my question is why the brake lights do not come on??? have someone had this problem before. if the dealer is right i need a wiring diagram of it.....
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