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03 350Z Bose Stereo Questions

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Ok, here goes my series of questions for the group. I have been doing some research on the POS Bose System in my 03 350Z. The word from the campfire is that if I put in an aftermarket deck, to replace the re-labelled Clarion junk, that I should take out the in-line amplifiers to the speakers. Is this true? Sounds right to me due to their being underpowered.

Second, I have seen some people discuss installing a new Sub behind the Driver's Seat, and adding an amp. Is this a good idea, and where do you put the Amp to drive the sub? Any suggestions on this?

Lastly, an annoyance that I would like to get rid of in the short term. The **** Audio Pilot turns down the stereo when I slow down. This is driving me crazy, with no info in the manual for my year, and no quick fix in the Audio Controls. Anyone know how to turn this crap off?
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I can't vouch for this "fix" but I have seen this on My350Z, check it out as it appears to address the audio pilot problem....
dalton.. best bet is to replace the whole sack of shite Bose system.. including speakers and amps...

Just get a nice good quality head unit, good quality front splits and a decent sub with a couple of top quality amps running it, and it will sound better in no time.. i woudlnt even worry about the rear speakers behind the seats, they are pretty much a waste of time - just get that front imaging sorted and that's all you need...
u dont need to spend 1000's but u get what you pay for pretty much..
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