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picture linkHere are some pics. I know it needs work.

Anyhow, this is going to be my best install yet. Its a PITA, but it should sound so sweet when its done. I know there are many better installs out there so I hope to get some advice from thos installers.

Quotes from the previous forum:

I have thought long and hard about where to put my sub. I thought about the stock location, but the eD just is way too much speaker to go there... so I am going to try my damndest to replicate this Active tuning link
I tried to buy a box from them but they cant do it since I live so far... oh well, at least I get to learn hehe.

Eddie the Crystals sound great! I ended up using the rears with the woofer only (the tweets are in the closet now) and tuning them for midbass... works great! The fronts are in the door with the tweets sitting in the kick panels. It really does sound gooood, but I need to dynamat the rear enclosure, I get some vibrating at high volumes. The speakers fit very well... but in the doors you CAN NOT use the Crystal brackets... trust me, they dont work. Cut up the stock speakers and use them.

The sub I am using is an Elemental Designs eD12.22A 1000Watts RMS dual 2 ohm flat Nomex cone 12" Transducer.

Its a beast. 3 Year warranty. I LOVE it. I HIGHLY recommend ED. Youll get pics soon I hope, the box work will be this weekend.

But so far everything is good.. I FINALLY modified the metra kit to flush mount the Kenwood MP919, and it looks 100 times better. And, for some reason my Sirius broke... I need to call them. And my power mirrors are out I wonder if my brother pulled the fuse accidentally or if I didnt clip the plug in well enough.

This car is not the easiest to work on but it is the most fun!!
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I fixed your links for you! :biggrin: Good luck and post some pics of the finished product!!!
Thanks Jinxxy. I wanted to post some interim pics of the fg job. But it pretty much looks like a friggin booger, and I was doing it alone, so as hard work as it is, I did not want to have to go grab a camera eveyr 30 minutes.

I think it will be good though. Pretty damned good.
Good luck on that install man. Its gonna sound so sweet when your done
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