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  1. Maintenance & Repairs
    Hello, My cars convertible top doesn't work. Convertibles yellow light is on in the odometer area. Manual latch will release but pressing the convertible button does not move the soft top anywhere and it remains stationary. The previous owner told me that the motor is bad, but I just...
  2. New Member Introductions
    :( 🛑 HELP PLEASE I HAVE A 03 touring of which is stalling during start ocassionaly and stalled during driving for the first time today. All was mostly good besides noticing a slight rpm change right before my starter went out. Got the starter replaced last Friday and all of a sudden it stalled...
  3. Nissan 350Z
    Hi everyone Just got my car(2003 nissan 350z. Japan import) a couple days ago. Of which the error came up when starting then would go after driving for 10 mins in limp mode. now it comes up when I'm driving and putting me in limp mode, I've tried all the the resets just to make sure it wasn't...
  4. Engine
    Hi everyone I've just brought a 2003 fairlady z from Japan, I'm wanting to modify the vehicle in the future(a list/order for modifying would be great), im just worried on what I can do before it's too much for the engine to handle,and before I need to think about a forged engine( if possible...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys got a cd009 and it won't go into neutral Just 3rd and 4th Motor is out and trans is off Could it be shift fork ? Or is trans done What should I be looking for I have a serial 9 shifter on it to mate up with my supra Does anyone have any experience
  6. Maintenance & Repairs
    So, I have a 2006 350z roadster with almost 89k miles on it. It just started making this knocking sound when I accelerate from 1.5k - 4(ish)k it's in just about every gear and it gets worse as i go higher in rpms. I have a Borla Exhaust on it and thats the only modification done to it. I was...
1-6 of 6 Results