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  1. Nissan 350Z
    I believe these headlights are 03, the body harness is from an 08, it connects fime but when the turn signal is on it flashes on the bottom bulb (red) if im not mistaken it should be on the top (black) correct? The hid is working fine but i would like to get the turn signal fixed, the hid on the...
  2. Nissan 350Z
    My headlights for some reason are 8pin and the headlights I bought are 6pin I do realize going from a 8 to a 6 is downgrading but I love the headlights and I don’t really want to return them is there anyone or anywhere I can get them ?
  3. Nissan 350Z
    Long story short I bought a crapped out ‘08 Z and the headlights were all busted. I wanted to get it registered and needed to replace the headlights. I bought some Spec-D headlights and put them in but here’s my problem. I put the turn signal on and nothing happens. I turn on the headlights and...
  4. Maintenance & Repairs
    I’m at wits end here so I’m reaching and grabbing for anything. Bought a 350z, decided to replace headlight housing, headlights worked fine just looked terrible. Replaced housing. Now nothing works. Replaced fuses, replaced ballast, replaced bulb. Switched back to stock housing, ran voltmeter to...
1-4 of 4 Results