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  1. 350Z 2004 - LOW POWER / LOW OIL PRESSURE / P0011 P0021

    Nissan 350Z
    Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are well. I have a 2004 nissan 350z enthusiast MANUAL, and I have the following problems. The car has no power (it costs a lot to raise the RPM), almost impossible to drive. Apparently when it is cold it has a good idle / oil pressure, when warm it starts to...
  2. Body Kits in canada?

    Does anyone know where i can order aftermarket boydkits for my 350 in canada? if not wheres the best place to order from? CarID charges a ton in shipping fees and stuff
  3. Need help deciding between two 350z's

    Nissan 350Z
    First one is a Silver 2006 Touring 350z for $9,000 with 42k miles. It's a manual transmission and was fun to test drive. There have been 3 in owners total. The concern I have is it had 3 accidents on the Carfax (no airbags deployed). The guy who owns it worked for Nissan in the services...
  4. Need help on tire Fitment

    Nissan 350Z
    Alright so I’m looking to throw Cosmis racing xt206r’s on my 05 350z. If you know the XT’s then you know they don’t make any size in between and 18-9.5x10mm and 18-11x8mm. I would like to run the 11s in the rear and 9.5 for the fronts but worried about Fitment. I have bc racing coilovers with a...
  5. 2006 350Z knocking

    Maintenance & Repairs
    So, I have a 2006 350z roadster with almost 89k miles on it. It just started making this knocking sound when I accelerate from 1.5k - 4(ish)k it's in just about every gear and it gets worse as i go higher in rpms. I have a Borla Exhaust on it and thats the only modification done to it. I was...