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  1. obiantianc tripped AE detector

    Site News
    needs to be a IP ban for those spammers, they are flooding the site with useless crap
  2. Porsche Boxster or Nissan 350z?

    Community Help
    pretty much sums it up.
  3. For Sale: 2004 350z Manual6 86k mi.

    Cars For Sale or Trade
    ok guys, play nice
  4. hello to all

    New Member Introductions
    he is a new member. he made his first post in the newbie section. that seems to be the correct forum to me
  5. Buying a 350Z, I want to be familiar with it and the problems, please help!

    Nissan 350Z
    common with most are the window motors. when I had my 2004 I changed mine twice in a 10 year period.
  6. P0403 code on my 07 350z

    Nissan 350Z
    no need for multiple threads on same topic
  7. 2004 Nissan 350z

    Community Help
    no need for duplicate threads
  8. K&N vs Ebay Cold Air Intake?

    Intake & Exhaust
    simple, one is a cheap ebay version and the other is the real stuff. personally you would do better with OEM airbox, changing the stock intake tube, and dropping a K&N or a AeF dry filter in there
  9. trouble with map sensor on utec

    that module is used to detect boost on a turbo application, will not work with a N/A engine
  10. 350Z 06 oilFluid

    Nissan 350Z
    as for the RPM increase whe you start, that is totally normal. It will do that for the first 30-40 seconds after starting then settle into the normal idle range
  11. New member

    New Member Introductions
    :wavey: welcome
  12. Air filter questions

    Community Help
  13. Starting with $30,000 to build your dream z. What do you do?

    Nissan 350Z
    in all honesty, scrap the 350 and get a 370
  14. Post accident dilema

    Nissan 350Z
    i would take the money and get another one. salvage titles are a pain and as far as insurance goes, that is even more of a pain you won't get all the stuff you would get with a regular policy HowStuffWorks "Can you insure a car that has a salvage title?"
  15. Help! issue with my 350z...

    Maintenance & Repairs
    could just be a bleed over from the brake light, at least that is how it looks in the pic
  16. issue with passenger side window motor

    Maintenance & Repairs
    the 350z window motors are notorious for going out. in a 10 year period that i had mine the driver window motor was replaced twice since i used it more than the passenger side. good thing is they are easy to replace
  17. Enough with Forum Threads that are Just Ads

    Community Help
    merged. there is already a thread on this topic
  18. 2003 Nissan Base with Mods

    Member Rides and Builds.
    the first pics are a veilside version 2 and the black is a NISMO version Z (no kit)
  19. 06-08 M45 Sport Wheels Pair (2) Like New Shape :)

    Infiniti G35/G37
    3. Minimum post requirement. To make a classified ad, you must have a minimum of five (5) posts and been on the board at least a month. Any classified made before this time will have the thread edited and closed. plus wrong section
1-20 of 167 Results