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  1. LS2 Conversion.

    What's more interesting is that you picked this thread for your first post. The fact that the OP never came back to update a successful engine swap says something as well...
  2. Vq35de Relay Issues?

    Nissan 350Z
    Get an appointment and let us know what they find.
  3. New Member

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome and congrats on your new ZR! One suggestion concerns the low miles on your car: if it's still on the original tires and belts, it's time to replace them. Even in storage, tires will degrade and the rubber engine belts are 15 years old - time for both to be binned.
  4. Backup Camera Integrated Into Factory Nav

    Audio & Electronics
    While this might seem to be a straightforward project, and has been asked several times before, it's not been done to my knowledge. The OEM nav screen and control unit lack the additional inputs for a backup camera and no tips exist.
  5. Banner Images Needed

    Community Help
  6. 2006 350Z knocking

    Maintenance & Repairs
    There's no way to tell what type of damage has been done to your engine via a video. You need to take it to an experienced Nissan tech or ASE mechanic and let them check it over. If you lived in my neighborhood, I could tell you more in 15 minutes by inspecting the Z directly, but if you think...
  7. 2006 350Z knocking

    Maintenance & Repairs
    If the fluid seeping from your exhaust is just water, then that's normal startup condensation. But if it's oil, it means oil is being burned in the combustion chamber and being sent through the exhaust. That could mean anything from a blown head gasket, to worn valve seals. But if that's the...
  8. 2006 350Z knocking

    Maintenance & Repairs
    If that's oil seeping from your y-pipe, you've got some serious issues. I'd start with a leakdown test to see if the valves are sealing properly. Let us know what you find.
  9. Vq35de Relay Issues?

    Nissan 350Z
    Sorry to say, but your issue are varied enough that you'll need a hands-on diagnostic. Are you anywhere Z-Car Garage in Cali? If not, you may have to take it to a local dealer.
  10. 2006 350Z knocking

    Maintenance & Repairs
    Hmmm...your mileage isn't that high and the exhaust won't affect any type of detonation. Have you swapped fuel types (assuming you're using 91 octane)? The VQ is a precision-built engine that isn't prone to detonation. But it can be damaged if the knocking continues. Have you pulled codes yet?
  11. Eugene Relyea

    New Member Introductions
    When you start repairing these lower bumper parts, you'll find they all work together to reinforce and solidify the front end. But damage to one part (or leave one out) and the rest of these parts become vulnerable to more damage, and eventually to falling off completely.
  12. Eugene Relyea

    New Member Introductions
    Eugene- those radiator/headlight/undertray parts don't typically fall off easily. What happened to cause such damage?
  13. Type of 350z

    350Z-TECH Rules & Guidelines
    If you have leather power seats and VDC, it's likely a Touring model. The wing is likely an aftermarket addition, as there were NO wings standard on '03 USDM Zs.
  14. Eugene Relyea

    New Member Introductions
    Try searching the NICO site for a factory service manual. It'll show the parts diagram for the front.
  15. Broken piece

    Nissan 350Z
    They seem to be different parts. The third photo shows a bumper bracket- it fits underneath the headlight and uses 10 mm bolts to hold it up and support the bumper. All these parts solidify the bumper, underbody and wheel well sections. It's doubtful they simply "fell off". Has your Z suffered...
  16. Eugene Relyea

    New Member Introductions
    Besides your skills, it sounds like you have access to a paint booth or DIY garage section to shoot in. What does a former painting pro look at when it comes to paint colors and repainting your own ride?
  17. Eugene Relyea

    New Member Introductions
    You might want to try my method for replacing parts. Every time that happens, I try to get a better part to replace the worn one. One example is to consider replacing the standard brakes with the Brembo/Akebono calipers, pads and rotors. Sure, it costs a bit more, but they'll still function with...
  18. Eugene Relyea

    New Member Introductions
    Use the quick reply box and the menu just above the box itself. The icon that is second the last on the right (box with mountains??) is the one that allows you to post pics, but you need a place to host your photos. Good luck.
  19. Eugene Relyea

    New Member Introductions
    Geno- with the amount of damage you found to your splash shields, I'd also recommend you check the composite radiator mount, as they can be damaged as well. You need it to be intact to install the ZSpeed aluminum replacement. You'll also need plenty of the push pin type of connectors to replace...
  20. New guy with some issues

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome, and I'd suggest carefully going over your CAI install. As mentioned, the MAF could be the cause, but any leaks, or mismatched parts could also cause a hesitation as well.
1-20 of 198 Results