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  1. TOP Things you didn't know about your Z

    Nissan 350Z
    "Some of us are too lazy to go over the entire manual." I'm pretty sure that's what you meant to say. The owner's manual ain't that long. Not true. The owner's manual only contains the minimum information required to operate and maintain you 350Z. The factory service manual, has a wealth of...
  2. The Useless Banter Watercooler weird topic thread of threads

    The Lounge
    Talking to yourself doesn't drum up action, Dave. 350Z-Tech has become the "HELP! my junky used Z is busted!!!" forum. -Ronin Z
  3. Too many miles for Full Synthetic?

    Maintenance & Repairs
    Whoever you are quoting... doesn't know what they're talking about. -Ronin Z
  4. Different Types Of Intakes- Pls Help!

    Intake & Exhaust
    Let's go to the chalkboard then... 2004 VQ35DE: 3.5 liter displacement producing 287 HP for 82 HP per liter. 1999 LS1: 5.7 liter displacement producing 310 HP for 54 HP per liter. You'd have to be making close to 470HP with an LS1 just to bring it up to the stock tuning level of the VQ35. And...
  5. I have dreamed a dream...

    I Got Hit!
    Yeah, I been plugging away at it in an off-and-on basis. I'm "over the hump" with this project, and I'm pretty much in the reassembly phase. I'm in the process of adding a second garage/shop to the house, so once that gets finished... the 510 should come together in short order. I'm talking...
  6. I have dreamed a dream...

    I Got Hit!
    Unfortunately, there's no "part out thread" coming. The only thing I have left from my Z is the stock Track wheels I took off years ago, the stock suspension, and a polished upper plenum. Das it. From a cosmetic perspective, the only body panels that were damaged were the driver-side front...
  7. I have dreamed a dream...

    I Got Hit!
    I have dreamed a dream, and now that dream is gone from me. Some of the newbs around here won't know who I am, but I've been a long time member of the 350Z community. Sadly it seems that my 350Z membership card has been revoked. While making a legal left-hand turn through a busy intersection...
  8. Where is everybody?

    Community Help
    Forums are fun when new posts read like this: "Hey everybody, I just got my brand spanking new car! It's so FAST!!! Can't wait until I start modding her. Have you guys heard that Cool Company X and Cool Company Y are both working on turbo kits for our cars?" After a few years, new posts all...
  9. heated oxygen sensor - thermocoupler polarity

    A standard 4-wire Bosch sensor should have 2 white wires 1 black and 1 gray wire. The 2 whites are the heater and there is no polarity. The black is the "signal" or positive thermocouple wire and the gray is the negative. If you have the Denso style O2, then you have 2 blacks, a 1 blue and 1...
  10. New rear end

    The 350Z uses a standard "shortnose" R200 rear end that was available in all kinds of Nissan cars (S14/S15 240SX, Infinti Q45, Z31 300ZX, Z32 NA 300Z, R32 Skyline...). The housing is the same on all of them, and they are completely interchangeable between vehicles. The diff units can also be...
  11. What's on your playlist?

    Fitness and health
    At first I was all like "What!? None of those songs are fit to make sweet sweet love to." Then I was like "Ooohhhhh.... playlist to exercise to...." That made a lot more sense, considering it usually takes more than one song to "warmup" and 12 songs of "fast paced" action just ain't gonna...
  12. Hi i need help my 350z is so slow

    Intake & Exhaust
    Then you're most likely running lower than stock compression and you're ignition timing may have been retarded.... which would lead to poor performance. -RZ
  13. Hi i need help my 350z is so slow

    Intake & Exhaust
    If you were beaten buy an un-or lightly-modified Lexus IS300, then your 350Z is indeed slower than a stock 350Z. Like I said in my first response, your list of modifications don't make any sense. Why install pistons and rods on an NA motor that has had no aftermarket cams, or head work...
  14. Hi i need help my 350z is so slow

    Intake & Exhaust
    Your list of modifications don't make any sense. Did you have these mods performed or did you buy the car this way? Also is the car objectively slow (as in it's slower than an unmodified Z) or is it just not subjectively fast enough for you? -Ronin Z
  15. Bought wrecked 350z

    New Member Introductions
    As I am sure that you are more than aware of, a car with a salvage title is pretty much worthless. Often people who buy wrecked cars to repair and resale employ several different schemes to unload the cars. One of those schemes is called "title washing". Works like this: The owner of a salvage...
  16. Bought wrecked 350z

    New Member Introductions
    What's with buying all these wrecked Zs? You running a title washing scam or something? -Ronin Z
  17. VQ35 swap emerg. question!!!

    New Member Introductions
    The AT and MT use the exact same mounts. It sounds like you may have a VQ35DE block from a FWD application like a Maxima. Or VQ35HR block as 3point5 mentioned. -Ronin Z
  18. How many miles is too many?

    Nissan 350Z
    Sadly nobody on this forum is going to be able to tell you whether a particular Z is a good price or not. Besides things like cleanliness and mileage, the price of vehicles varies a decent amount based on where you're at in the country. Some cars and trucks are more popular than others in a...
  19. The Sad truth about the Z

    Yeah... remember the whole part where I mentioned your "unrealistic expectations"? That is what I was talking about. I was under no illusion that I was going to get C5 Corvette performance when I bought my 350Z. Frankly if that is what you thought going into your z purchase, I would have figured...
  20. The Sad truth about the Z

    So let me get this straight... You bought a car that weighs less than a Z. Has more horsepower than a Z. Costs significantly more (when new) than a Z. And now your mind is blown that it performs better than a Z? C'mon man. You're not revealing any sort of "sad truths" about the Z here. These...
1-20 of 189 Results