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  1. FS: NIB ACT 6 puck race clutch $480

    ACT clutch with heavy duty pressure plate and 6 puck disk. New in box comes with everything needed for install. This clutch is on national backorder so here's a chance to get it right now. Torque rating is 585 lb/ft. Couldn't find HP specs
  2. Deployment

    The Lounge
    Cause there are a lot of people who own Zs that aren't really drivers/tuners/etc. Get on and you'll find a bunch of cool Z owners. ;)
  3. Creak, Creak, Creeeakkkk!

    Brakes & Suspension
    I also had "creaking" noises. Mine ended up be that I had a bolt missing on my front suspension (not sure which component). Have a shop go underneath and make sure all the bolts are there.
  4. Deployment

    The Lounge
    Off topic, but are you on the AZ350Z forums?
  5. Got Carbon Fiber? Post Up Pics!

    Nissan 350Z Media
    Werd, skipped my mind haha
  6. Got Carbon Fiber? Post Up Pics!

    Nissan 350Z Media
    Robert you need the UTR CF intake tube!
  7. Any German Z owners on here??

    The UK and Europe
    I actually just left Germany two months ago. I'm back at home now in the Guard. :)
  8. red interior lights **pics*

    Interior & Exterior
    Just pulled the old bulbs and plugged in the LED ones? Where'd you pick the bulbs up at?
  9. Built NA '03 350Z Vs modded EVO VIII

    Kill Stories
    Holy **** that thing screams. Nice ride! How much did those heads set you back?
  10. Test pipes vs. Stock cats FI purposes

    Forced Induction
    N/A would be fine, but I think with the airflow you're going to experience, a retune might be neccessary. That'd be my guess.
  11. Built NA '03 350Z Vs modded EVO VIII

    Kill Stories
    Can we get a list of your mods? I thought there was only one Z running a built N/A setup.
  12. Intense Motorsports

    Good Guys/Bad Guys
    Werd. Intense is a local shop for me since I live in AZ and they're top of the line.
  13. Insurance for aftermarket

    Forced Induction
    Subscribing. I'd like to know exactly which companies are mod friendly.
  14. Test pipes vs. Stock cats FI purposes

    Forced Induction
    Get some high flow cats and you can have the inbetween margin of what you're looking for. IMO, going back to stock cats (especially FI) would blow. You'd be robbing yourself of a lot of power.
  15. Help me chose which wheels!

    Wheels & Tires
    This thread is like 3 years old. How does it keep getting unearthed? HAHA
  16. Koyo radiator

    Oh, well that doesn't sound like a whole lot of work. You think the thin one would work fine even in the AZ summers?
  17. Koyo radiator

    I'm running nitrous right now and live in AZ, so I'm prepping right now to help my car deal with the heat. I found a good deal on a thin Koyo radiator. My question is, is there a big difference in cooling between the thick and thin versions?
  18. NASA AZ

    South West
    Hit up Tons of local NASA and HPDE Zs and Gs on there.
  19. Individual throttle bodies?

    Intake & Exhaust
    Who are you? What shop are you with? Brand of ITB's? Or are they custom?
  20. Iraq

    The Lounge
    Stay safe and RIP fallen warriors. Just a thought for you, maybe out of respect for those that lost their lives you shouldn't post the carnage. You know what you've seen, no need to publish it.
1-20 of 394 Results