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  1. WTB front bumper Silverstone

    Want To Buy!!
    Looking for an front bumper for an 03 Silverstone. Doesn't have to be in the greatest shape. PM if you have one with some prices.
  2. TXS Tuner $200 shipped

    I have a TXS Tuner for sale $200 shipped. My utec was just sold and this is all I have left. Comes with cable and O2 sensor. The manual you can download off their site
  3. ACT Street lite flywheel

    sent you an email
  4. Pure Oil Cooler GB and help needed from FI guys

    Pure Innovations
    Any updates and I hope its not $299. You can make a kit for less than $150. Glad I waited around for this. :headshake:
  5. Pure Oil Cooler GB and help needed from FI guys

    Pure Innovations
    I think I am giving up on this and just getting together my own kit
  6. Pure Oil Cooler GB and help needed from FI guys

    Pure Innovations
    Any update.
  7. bluetooth headset and case for sale

    Just bought an LG chocolate phone and got a bluetooth headset and case with it. I don't need it, so just wanted to see if anyone wanted any of it. The bluetooth is $50, I'll sell it for $45 shipped and the case is $20, I'll sell it for $15 shipped. Everthing is new in package and I take paypal.
  8. painted black track wheels, silverstone z

    Wheels & Tires
    did you using type of clear coat afterwards? I am planning on doing this in the spring, 40 degrees here now. I found a gloss black and a satin black, which on did you use.
  9. swaybar settings

    Brakes & Suspension
    I might be getting a set of 350evo swaybars. For now I have stock springs. On stock springs what do you guys recommend for the front/rear swaybar settings and what springs would you recommend latter on down the road with these swaybars.
  10. [How-To] make videos

    How To Articles
  11. Need a floor jack

    Maintenance & Repairs
    Need to buy a new jack for the Z, my old one just died on me. Any suggestions on a good model?
  12. [How-To] make videos

    How To Articles
    I was curious if anyone had a DIY on how to make and post videos. I just bought a video camera and would like to make some Z videos, like youtube or something. Thanks.
  13. keyless remote problem

    Maintenance & Repairs
    I went to get in my car today and my remote didn't work, just figured it was the battery. I replaced the battery and nothing, tried reprogramming but the buttons won't work. Do you think the remote died?
  14. sponsorship proposal

    Nissan 350Z
    Has anyone had to write a sponsorship proposal before? I am talking with Amsoil about doing a sponsorship for the 2008 autocross season. They sent me an email back, they want me to submit a sponsorship proposal. Just trying to get some advice, not exactly sure how to write one. Thanks for all...
  15. camera mount

    Track & AutoX
    This is a 2 part question. I am looking into buying a video camera for track, dragon, drivng days. My first question is what camera would you guys recommand, it doesn't have too cost alot, just something simple.Second question is what looks better, the camera mounted outside the car or it...
  16. PURE Oil Cooler Teaser

    Pure Innovations
    I'm in, when do you think we can get are hands on these?
  17. Hydra Nemesis

    how about this?\
  18. Hydra Nemesis

    Just saw this engine management in a magazine today and was wondering if anyone has used it or heard about it. I just talk to my buddy today and he is running one on his MR2. Just curious. Oh yeah the magazine was the October issue of DSPORTS, has a yellow 633 rhp 350z on the front of it.
  19. cleaning rims/clear coated

    Wheels & Tires
    I recently picked up a set of used rims for my 350z from a guy. They are a clear coated rim, what type of cleaning or polish could I use on them. They are pretty dirty, have tar and road grime. I need something more than soap and water. Need to try to bring them back to life, for the most part...
  20. Did i get crap tires

    Wheels & Tires
    proxes 4 are some of the best tires I have ever had. They saved my ass in the snow and I ran my best time at the track with these.
1-20 of 171 Results