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  1. WTB Mines Front lip/ or Stillen Front Splitter

    Want To Buy!!
    Lookin for either the mines/evo-r Front lip or possibly even the stillen front splitter. interested in both, cant decide which one i like more. PM me
  2. "What did you do to your Z today?"

    Nissan 350Z
    To be honest I had never heard of them either until a buddy of mine mentioned them. And by no means am I racing, just some spirited driving. I was super skeptical at first but I trust him... More or less. From what I gathered there a fairly new brand, and I believe the springs are 7k front 8k...
  3. "What did you do to your Z today?"

    Nissan 350Z
    DGR Coilover install Well guys, I decided to install My DGR coilovers. There are a few good DIY install videos out there already so i didnt feel the need to make my own, just wanted to show the coils, a few pics, and answer any questions if you have any. These Coils have the true coil setup in...
  4. Clutch Replacement

    South East
    Hey guys, my clutch is nearing the end of its life an was just wondering if anybody in the Atlanta area could suggest a shop that they have had a good experience with?? not in dire need of replacement but ide say within the next few months. Thanks for any suggestons!
  5. WTB Rays tracks wheels V1

    Want To Buy!!
    i checked ebay and amazon earlier today and didnt come up with much. Ill check out Z1s website and get in touch to see if they have some spare ones layin around, thanks!
  6. WTB Rays tracks wheels V1

    Want To Buy!!
    Hey everyone, I have the Oem 17's in the front and the Rays V1 track wheels in the rear. I'm looking to complete the set and get the front 2 track wheels.
1-6 of 6 Results