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  1. 350z knocking under acceleration

    Nissan 350Z
    Changed the oil because your car was running hot? Did you fix the problem on WHY the car was running hot? Usually a coolant area. It was low,hose leak,water pump etc. You message leaves out some details. The most important is how long did you drive the car after it was overheating? Back to the...
  2. Wheels from 2001 370z on my 2003 350z

    Nissan 350Z
    With 166k miles ,you sure do need new shocks. Are the original shocks on the car? There was no difference in OEM suspension with the 350Z models.All have the same stuff. The only difference is that the Track had Brembo brakes. I would lower the tire pressures to about 32lbs. See what happens. Is...
  3. Wheels from 2001 370z on my 2003 350z

    Nissan 350Z
    How did your car ride before you put on the 18" 370 wheels? What's the miles on your car? What tires (make&sizes) are on the 370 wheels? What tire pressures are you running in the new tires? I'm just using my Z as a comparison. I had 17's like you with the stock Bridgestones(weak tires).I...
  4. Hard top for convertible

    Nissan 350Z
    Yes,there are hardtops made for the 350Z roadster. Do a search online. I believe Seibon made one in carbon fiber for around $2,500. Smooth Line also did one for about 2k +finish options. Only problem you may have is availability.Since these tops were made quite awhile ago,I do not believe there...
  5. FI TDX catback dB levels

    Intake & Exhaust
    Glad you are happy with the sound of your FI cat back. Any plans to add some HFC's to the mix? It will be a bit louder. But,you may realize some additional HP gains that you can feel.
  6. Parting out my 2008 350z :)

    This thread is 3 years old. You'd think this car is long gone.right?
  7. Silly to replace clutch before selling?

    Nissan 350Z
    IMO,unless you lower the price drastically,you will have a hard time selling your Z with a bad clutch. Keep in mind,,the market has changed for the Z. A majority of current buyers are not as "hands on". Not many DIY'rs as before. I'd get the clutch replaced as cheap as possible. But,who...
  8. What is this symbol on the temp display?

    Nissan 350Z
    not to worry What buttons? Geez---enjoy the ride. You bought a used car.Will you actually NEED the info that this multi-function gauge provides? Owned my Z since 2002. Never used it. Move onto important stuff...
  9. 350z Cruise Control

    Nissan 350Z
    Sure would be good to give your location. Sounds like you have what in the 70's&80's in the U.S. was called a "grey market " car. A lot a stuff left out or,was added for the country that it came. My dad had a Porsche 911 like that. Never got to run right. Guess its the old ,buyer beware(Latin...
  10. Another New One

    New Member Introductions
    Looks sweet!
  11. Code P0171

    Nissan 350Z
    Trust me,advice like--"I've heard","a buddy told me..."etc. Otherwise,stuff based on a rumor vs real experience will get you in trouble. Used Techron & others in my 2003 Z FOR 95K miles. Runs fine.
  12. Nissan 350Z Vector Design (osmancetinyapici)

    Nissan 350Z
    Agree with dkmura. Idea: put the graphic on t-shirts. I'll take a Z-large.
  13. 2006 350z Rev Up Engine Recall

    Nissan 350Z
    I am assuming that you are not the original owner,right? The car IS NOT using oil,right? Would not believe any of the oil problems with the Rev up would be covered. Car is too old. Enjoy the car
  14. Code P0171

    Nissan 350Z
    Could be many things. Evidence IMO is the low miles on your car and that it was driven very little. I'd look in the area of something that is "dirty". Yes,MAF cleaning or a 02 sensor could be the problem. Dirty injectors,use of poor fuel(not premium) are other concerns. I'd dump in a additive...
  15. Running lean or fuel cut issues?

    Nissan 350Z
    OK,base model. How many miles on the clock? To give any "long distance" could be's,the mileage would help as there are several things that are common to go out/need replacing at certain miles. Any exhaust odor? Running stock cats? Sensors(especially cam position)replacement is common. You are...
  16. Running lean or fuel cut issues?

    Nissan 350Z
    How about some additional info on your 2003 Z. Model? How many miles on the car? What your car is doing can mean a lot of things.
  17. New Z Owner. Please Help.

    Intake & Exhaust
    I agree with dkmura. Exhaust systems are engineered specifically for the car. Now we have management systems making sure everything works properly. Could be the problem is related to the car now running too lean. However,you have not done anything at the intake,right? Opening up the exhaust...
  18. Mercedes slk350 Vs. Nissan 350z?

    Car Chat
    Again,whats with this "troll"? Same poster,teen kid,then renting a car for boyfriend etc. Who's writing this stuff?
  19. Porsche Boxster or Nissan 350z?

    Community Help
    Think this repetitive poster needs to stop the "comparison" questions. ??Is this some type of ploy to start conversations on this rather non-active forum? Pretty lame.
  20. Weird noise from rear of my 350z

    Nissan 350Z Media
    Be good to have more info on your Z. Year?Model? A/T or M/T? Miles on the car. The noise you mentioned could be rear end diff,bearing etc.
1-20 of 363 Results