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  1. Barzten1 Dyno #'s

    Dyno Charts
    Thanks Super!
  2. Barzten1 Dyno #'s

    Dyno Charts
    I had a Vortech kit before and loved my very usable 406whp.
  3. Barzten1 Dyno #'s

    Dyno Charts
    Finally got the car dynoed for some numbers. Dr Todd and I did some tuning and got it closer to being dialed in. Low boost #s are 445whp and 436lbs torque on 11psi. That was on a 4th gear pull when we should have taken it to 5th gear. Would have probably got another 30 hp out of it. At 17...
  4. FS : RC 550 Injectors w/clips

    You can check my sellers history on too.
  5. FS : RC 550 Injectors w/clips

    Selling RC 550 injectors with clips. They have about 4k miles on them. Had to move to 660's. $400 shipped. [email protected]
  6. New front end

    Interior & Exterior
    I agree with teh. But why not look at a Origin or Vertex?
  7. What is this piece under the car and mid-pipe?

    Intake & Exhaust
    Dave id leave it on. Not too heavy. We spend money and body braces, no need to take off the ones that are already on the car
  8. Transmission Fluid Flush

    Maintenance & Repairs
    Also I noticed it looked like there was a burnt fluid that leaked out of a round part above my differential. Does anyone know what this round piece is and what I should be worried about
  9. Transmission Fluid Flush

    Maintenance & Repairs
    Great info as Im going to change my diff fluid this week. If I recently had a new clutch installed does that mean the trany fluid is new?

    Site News
    i have to log in everytime I visit. Is this something I can fix?
  11. Greddy vs. AAM vs. APS

    Intake & Exhaust
    I love the way my APS sounds with APS 3" test pipes
  12. Changing back to stock for the winter?

    Wheels & Tires
    Summer wheels... Winter wheels...
  13. Picked up a 4-cyl beater..

    Car Chat
  14. What is expensive to you?

    Nissan 350Z
    Answere to the question.....wives!
  15. New spy shots

    Nissan 370Z
    Looks just like a Z
  16. Vertex body kit with Volk GTS wheels or Nismo wheels?

    Interior & Exterior
    Im working on getting you you a couple pics its just been raining over here the last couple days.
  17. New Volk GT S! Thanks Forged Performance!

    Nissan 350Z Media
    Thanks. My last Volks were 19x9.5 in the rear and I don't remember the offsets. These have a much bigger lip.
  18. New Volk GT S! Thanks Forged Performance!

    Nissan 350Z Media
    Finally got my new Volks in. Thanks Sharif and Sandy for amazing service! I know Im gunna need to lower the car some more. 18x10 +27 up front and 18x11 +25 in the back. Toyo R888 rubba's! Quick pics before I have to go to work.
  19. What wheels do you have

    Wheels & Tires
    I currently have Volk GT C's (19") . New Volks (18") due for delivery today after a 3 and a half month wait
  20. Anyone here work out?

    Fitness and health
    Jet the best most efficient way to bring the abs out is cardio, diet and especially watch the late night eating. There are some fat burning type supplements that help too.
1-20 of 456 Results