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  1. 350Z Woofer Pods

    Audio & Electronics
    Hi Ed. Long time !
  2. Hi

    The Lounge
    Well I was the main driving force behind this entire site for years.. So probably.
  3. Hi

    The Lounge
    This site really went to **** since I left didnt it? :wink2:
  4. Wiki?

    Community Help
    I didn't mean to neglect this site as I have done, but I had a lot of life changing events over the past few years. Had 3 kids, changed jobs, moved to another state, bought a house... the list goes on but those are the big ones..
  5. Wiki?

    Community Help
    HMMMM I havn't been around awhile but I see you really did anumber on my wiki :P I can get it fixed but I need FTP access. Alot of the old plugins may or may not work with the latest mediawiki version so some work is going to be involved in getting this back in order.
  6. need oem cats pic

    Intake & Exhaust
    I doubt they will fit. Just look at the bend in the OEM cats.... It is a unique twist that not many cars have. The converter goes end to end.
  7. Changes to the site

    Community Help
    Light skin is available again.. Sorry guys. I know there are some missing features in the light skin and i will try to get everything converted soon. Been away for awhile.
  8. Do I look good in this color?

    Interior & Exterior
    QUOTE (SmoothZ @ Feb 27 2010, 05:05 PM) I really love the white. I am thinking of picking up another white Z. I sold mine before the move so we could buy a house so I will be starting over again.
  9. Replacing OEM speakers on Enthusiast

    Audio & Electronics
    QUOTE (Brooklyn1951 @ Feb 28 2010, 07:30 AM) You can replace them with 4ohm speakers just fine. Honestly though, my recommendation is just disable the rear speakers and get some nice components up front with an amplifier. It will sound much better.
  10. Sorry for the down time guys

    Site News
    Give me a list of things to fix and I am on it.
  11. Sorry for the down time guys

    Site News
    Sorry for the down time. We are doing some maintenance and it didn't go as planned. On another note, while we are doing maintenance, are there any ideas or suggestions you want to see implemented ? -Josh
  12. Clutch and Transmission Help

    Maintenance & Repairs
    I thought there was a TSB on the transmission issue? I know a lot of 2003's got their transmissions fixed for free back a few years ago. You can find used low mile transmissions for fairly cheap from junk yards. Check
  13. R.I.P Buff

    The Lounge
    Man this sucks :( I had no idea this happened. I had never met Bill in person, but I had spoken with him often and he seemed like a great guy. I had no idea he had medical problems. It is amazing he didn't let it stop him from being a positive person.
  14. I think I need a new video graphics card

    Gaming and Technology
    What card did you get?
  15. Any MMA fans?

    QUOTE (z'sowntheroad @ Sep 13 2009, 09:56 PM) Yeah, I have a shrine to Anderson.
  16. Any MMA fans?

    I am a big MMA fan and spend alot of time watching the sport. I am really looking forward to the Machida/Shogun fight coming up. Anyone else thing this could be an amazing fight? BTW, Noguiera/Couture was one of the best fights I have seen in a very long time. I give it fight of the year so far.
  17. Sorry guys, fixing server issues

    Site News
    QUOTE (eTraxx @ Sep 13 2009, 12:59 PM) Apache is great, however there are some search engine bots that can come along and slam a site and bring an otherwise solid server to its knees.
  18. Sorry guys, fixing server issues

    Site News
    apache was getting flooded. for a temp fix i have apache restarting every hour.
  19. Changes to the site

    Community Help
    I unlocked another skin called SimpleBoard. You guys can change to it and let me know what you think. I think it is nice, clean, and easy to read. if everyone agrees, i can make some changes and that one will be available also so people can switch between that and the dark skin.
  20. Strong economy

    Politics & Religion
    QUOTE (SmoothZ @ Sep 8 2009, 07:16 PM) We have a winner!
1-20 of 409 Results