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  1. FS 2006 Daytona Blue

    Cars For Sale or Trade
    SOLD A gentlemen flew down early this morning from San Francisco. He's currently driving it back up there from L.A. as I type this. It's been a great 4.5 years of ownership. I hope that the car treats him as well as it has treated me. I'd also like to thank everybody on this forum. Especially...
  2. FS 2006 Daytona Blue

    Cars For Sale or Trade
    After 4.5 great years of ownership I've decided to move on. I'm hoping the next owner will love and enjoy the car as much as I have. I can't really think of much else to say, so I'll just copy and paste all of the information from the craigslist ad I just posted. Location: Souther California...
  3. PS3 vs Wii vs XBox 360?

    Gaming and Technology
    If you want the best in graphics....PS3 If you want party games (where 4+ people can participate)...Wii If you are pretty serious about video 360 My favorite by far is the xbox360. Its graphics are only mildly worse than the PS3's. I feel it has the best to offer in terms of...
  4. Funniest freestyle battle ever!

    The Lounge
    yo...check it....uhhh...yo...yo Eli is the best on the mic, and he told ya that. He's like barry at the plate with a baseball bat. no's not even worth my time to make fun of this in rhyme. look, I know that just rhymed...but I didn't mean for it to.
  5. Hello from Frisco Cali (sunset district)

    New Member Introductions
    I only wave at fellow blue Zs. No...I used to always wave. Now, I make eye contact first then give the head nod or something. I think I have become a bit jadded in the past two years though. I just found out that my dentist has a Z though. I had always suspected it (he keeps it covered)...but...
  6. I might be a Homo...

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    QUOTE (DogZilla @ Apr 14 2008, 10:31 AM) With my fingers crossed, around May 15th at the earliest. :cheers:
  7. I might be a Homo...

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    Here is a picture of the pool: I would think that the bulk of the leaves/dirt, etc... would come from the planter area pictured. Luckily, there aren't any huge trees overhead, or anything like that. In are the rest of the MLS pictures: The previous owner's style was a lot...
  8. I might be a Homo...

    The Lounge
    The Z has to be demoted to the possession of mine which I am second most proud of. As of this past Friday morning I have officially opened escrow on a new home…well, not new…it was built in 1958; but new to me. This is the first home I have ever purchased; I am really excited, but at the moment...
  9. Do you believe a real border fence should be built along the US/Mexico Border?

    Politics & Religion
    QUOTE (i8acobra @ Apr 10 2008, 01:33 PM) I don't personally think that is acceptable...but ultimately it is acceptable until it pisses people off enough that they will no longer patronize such businesses. If it is proven that it will help their bottom line...I am certain that business owners...
  10. GTA 4

    Gaming and Technology
    I'll probably get it. I'm still playing Gears of war online a lot (about a year and a half) and I play Forza 2 a lot (about 8 months) so I could use a new title.
  11. Do you believe a real border fence should be built along the US/Mexico Border?

    Politics & Religion
    QUOTE (i8acobra @ Apr 9 2008, 02:31 AM) I'm not saying this didn't happen to you...and I believe that it did (why would you lie about something like that?) But I will say that I have never experienced anything like that in my 27 years in southern California. I will go further and say that I...
  12. Do you believe a real border fence should be built along the US/Mexico Border?

    Politics & Religion
    I would vote "no" to the fence...for the simple reason that I believe it wouldn't work all that well. As for should we let, or want them in this country? that is a different topic. But, I will say, my utopian answer would be Yes...anybody who wants to live here should be able to live here. They...
  13. Nokia Morph Concept Phone

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    would she just eat the God **** Apple already
  14. Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead

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    QUOTE (ambigu0us @ Mar 20 2008, 02:09 PM) They probably drew Xs on the lady's other leg...they just forgot to draw 'em on her butthole.
  15. Question about home ownership

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    Thanks everybody...for the responses. You've all been very helpful. I am definitely not in any sort of desperate scramble to buy a home at the moment. I'm not going to rush into anything. At the beginning of this year, I set a goal; which was to own something by the end the year. I know some...