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I've worked with and around Blackwater for two tours now. They don't f--k around, but neither do the people trying to kill them.
I wasn't there for this incident currently in the news, but I will say that they are professionals. They do their job well for the
resources they have. Their job is dangerous. That's why they get paid what they do.

No one should be hating on these guys. Most are former/retired military that found a way to get back into the game and make
some real money. For guys like me and other soldiers, a Blackwater guy makes BANK.

My cousin was a former Marine that joined them back in late '04 and was killed in March '05. We were going to
meet at BIAP before I got on the plane for R&R leave. He never showed up. So I spent my leave burying a man
I grew up with.

All this hype and name calling is by a bunch of turds who know jack and schit. I group those cowards in the same
crowd as Fred Phelps.
well said.

Junior or Senior BTW, because they had some divergent views ;)
Well not really

"I'm Shiva the God of Death.", Michael Clayton.
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