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It is very sad what some of our soldiers are forced to go through, and I agree that this war has gone on for way too long. I also think that the media is one of our worst enemies when it comes to war. My wife has a client who just returned from the Middle East. He said the entire time he was there, he never once saw a death or even a fight. He was in the cities that we hear about every day, and never witnessed what we see on the news. He told us that he wishes the media would cover the things that go on most of the time rather than the negative things that happen in spurts all around the area. He would like to see coverage on the playgrounds and schools they built for the children, and the neighborhoods they fixed up. I couldnt agree more. I would love to see some of the positives that are going on over there just to give me a little bit of faith in the American people.
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