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I was at the gym tonight, and there was a tae kwon do class in progress. There's a matted area in the gym that lets an instructor teach classes there at different times of the day. As I was lifting, I was watching their form (as usual) to see how well the instructor teaches or how well the students pay attention. I came to the conclusion that it's about 50/50. I also feel that the instructor might not care enough about some of his students but just collects their money.

Now it seems that the past few years have seen a boom in documentaries, movies, classes, special aerobics, and dojos popping up like mushrooms. In one sense, that's a good thing because it's still an unknown type of 'activity' that has a lot of interesting history to it. On the other hand, I feel it dilutes and corrupts some true forms and allows the history of the art to be lost.

I've taken several different kinds of arts, and I judged that with what I know, my confidence level, and the fact that I take what I learn seriously, I can avoid most confrontations or protect myself or others. However, it seems that a lot of people I see practicing in dojos as I pass by their wide open windows are not taking it seriously or have really bad form and are not concentrating. I also know some people (very few) who get caught up in a new style or do it for fitness but don't stick with it.

It's a shame that some people who practice an art for just a few years think they have what it takes to teach a class. I have lived in many cities around the country and some parts of the world, and I have yet to find the elusive true master of any art that can teach not only the fighting style but also the history and respect that it deserves.

What do you guys think?

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