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I have seen many UFC fights go to the ground for a very long time.. Up to 30minutes actually. It is quite often a bloody ending with either one or both fighters needing severe medical attention.

Gracies are bad... no doubt. But where do you draw the line? Someone that was born into a fighting family has the upper hand regardless of which type of art they pursue.

My point was simply that I wouldn't want to be laying on my back surrounded by multiple opponents.
Notice I said Great in my comment. A lot of the fighters you see in UFC are not experts in any one martial art style, they are very well rounded. A BJJ Artist that is high in the Black Belts is not going to lay on the ground and get pummeled.

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Totally agree with you!
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Although traditional martial arts (TMA) has deep history and tradition, it&#39;s not as practical as it used to be. From a self-defense point of view.
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