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MartinZ 12-21-2015 08:35 AM

Sorry - had to travel for business - back home now

This is Stephen Noble's latest paintwork

You can see older images here: Angryman Photography | Sports GT | Sports GT 59 Stephen Noble Nissan 350Z - Super Series Rnd 3 - Baskerville - 24-05-2015-5

Here are two of his in car videos:

Then there is Rob Whyte, 2012/2013/2014 Australian Drift Champion
He runs a 380RS engine on E85 with a supercharger ~500hp at the wheels
This is an old video

Another drift car

MCA have a 370Z drift car with a VK56DE
Massive job to put this one together, build inffo here: V8 370Z DRIFT BUILD | Performance Garage ? V8, HI-TECH, MUSCLE, IMPORT, HOTROD, EXOTIC, RACE, CUSTOM


dkmura 12-28-2015 12:19 AM

Thanks for the photos! Interesting that S. Noble's Z has side graphics that almost matched another race Z here in the States.

dkmura 01-11-2016 12:04 AM

Hey MartinZ- while we're in the deep freeze here in the States, this should be peak racing time in Oz, isn't it? How many National level road racing events are there in the summer? How many cars are usually entered in each one? Finally, how is your own car prep going?

MartinZ 01-11-2016 06:03 AM

Hi, we don't do much racing in Dec and Jan because it's our holiday period (and it's too hot)
We race during the year, winter in Australia would be a "non event" for you, LOL
Categories race from Feb to Nov, some once a month, some once every two or three months (smaller categories)

Last year diverted me from my 350Z preparations
I bought a car, prepared it and raced in the Nissan Pulsar (that's a Sentra to you) Challenge, about 21 cars per race
It's a low cost and restrictive modification category
Some video here:

I won't be racing this year, my workload, team and budget have doubled and I will be travelling 1.5 times a month on average, that does not put me in a position to do justice to my racing (I'll be flying radio controlled helicopters instead).

Next year I'll be racing again, look forward to that.

I've done some modifications to my 350Z:
Tomei headers, hard engine mounts, 50mm radiator, oil cooler, air con removed,
SPL suspension parts, Nismo coppermax clutch & flywheel (overkill)
Harder diff and subframe mounts
I have recently started it using the Haltech replacement ECU - that was cool
Need to install a cage, install ITB's, tune the car, put a low ratio diff in the rear (I have a Cusco LSD).
I will also remove the variable exhaust timing (RevUp) as the Haltech does control it well

dkmura 01-20-2016 05:05 PM

Thanks for the reply! Very interesting to note what your race season is like. I enjoyed watching the Pulsar Challenge video- racetracks throughout the world look much the same. Another few questions: what do entry fees cost and is there any prize money for series like the Pulsar Challenge?

BTW- thought you might be interested in one of my past Nissan racecars: this was my Nissan 200SX (nee Pulsar) GT5 racer

It's almost the exact opposite of your Pulsar Challenge car: tubeframe, race slicks, 1300 cc full race engine with dog ring gearbox and silhouette bodywork. Tons of fun to drive when it ran, but TONS of work to get it dialed in!

MartinZ 01-20-2016 08:45 PM

That's a real race car - I'm green with envy

Our series entry fee is $130 AUD and each race entry fee is $300 AUD ($207 USD) but no prize money - pretty cheap racing

dkmura 01-31-2016 06:29 PM

In the world of motorsports, that is pretty cheap. In Colorado SCCA racing, the entry fee was $299 for four races (2 per day) over a weekend. No prize money there, either. You can win cash and tires for winning a SCCA Majors race, but that was more expensive ($550/weekend).

dkmura 03-01-2016 06:04 PM

Fast forward to March 2016 and it's time to create some new goals for the upcoming race season. First off, I'll continue to race in SCCA, but will primarily campaign in my home region. That means giving up the chance to win a SCCA Majors title, but I would like to qualify for the SCCA Runoffs in September. Goals for 2016 are the win the Rocky Mountain Division (RMD)Championship in both Touring 1 and Touring 3. That's a tall order, and depending on whether I can get my tubeframe Z33 up and running, all these plans may go up in smoke. In any case. here's the schedule as I see it in March:

Date/ track/type of race/ Class

April 30-May 1 High Plains Raceway- RMD Championship Touring 3
May 14-15 Circuit of St. Louis- SCCA Majors Touring 3
May 28-29 Pueblo Motorsports Park- SCCA Majors Touring 3
July 2-3 High Plains Raceway- SCCA Majors Touring 3
July 23-24 Pueblo Motorsports Park- RMD Championship Touring 1
August 20-21 High Plains Raceway- RMD Championship Touring 1
September 19-25 Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course- SCCA Runoffs Touring 3

Seven weekends doesn't sound like too much, right? But it means the Z will have to have almost faultless reliability throughout ALL the races to finish in the points and depends in great part to how well my competition campaigns and finishes. For 2015, we achieved dual RMD championships, together with back-to-back American Road Race of Champions (ARRC) titles. This year is sure to be tougher, but I think both me and the 350Z are up to it!

dkmura 03-07-2016 01:08 PM

Yesterday I spent several hours going through all the fluids (including bleeding brakes), checking tires and brakes, cleaning and sealing the paint for the coming year. I've got a new AIM timer for this year, but am having a tough time figuring out how to mount it to keep GPS monitoring at max effectiveness. First race isn't for several weeks, but the closer I look, the more work I find!

BTW- for MartinZ: SCCA entry fees range from $330 for a quad regional weekend to $550 for a US Majors weekend.

dkmura 04-25-2016 10:29 AM

This upcoming weekend is the Rocky Mountain Division SCCA opener. High Plains Raceway is a 2.55-mile circuit located about 60 miles east of Denver, CO and will be where we kick off the season in the middle of the country. Weather forecast calls for rain on both Saturday and Sunday, so I may get the opportunity to run some new BFGoodrich KDW-R rain tires I've been saving. With two races each day (four total), I need reliable finishes to start the season with.

Lots of fast cars in my group, Porsche 911 GT3, BMW M3 E46, Audi A4 turbo Quattro, Mustang GT500-R and others. While most of these are in other classes, we are still racing to gain position in the race. With the possibility (probability?) of rain, that promises to jumble the field even more. The 350Z is a good car to drive in the wet and I'm looking forward to a good race weekend.

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