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totaled z rebuild and turbo problems, please help

okay so im new to 350z tech, so ill give a quick background/ show off my progress before i explain my issue.

once upon a time (2 years ago, i bought a bone stock 03 touring z) did some cosmetic mods then at the age of 17 i decided to attempt a turbo build on a budget. just started ordering all the ebay parts (injectors, piping, etc.) and after a few months i had finished all the welding and bought a osiris uprev tuner and had it dyno tuned and i Successfully boosted my Z!

then right before my 18th birthday i slid off the road in the rain..

i was attatched to this car so i actually bought a flood Z chassis just to rebuild my z.. i know lol

but i did it. took hundreds and hundreds of hours. every single day after school i would work on this car.

i even had to switch it from a automatic to a manual (easier typed than done)

needed 90% of the body so i found a authentic veilside body kit on craigslist for $250 lol picked that up.

then at 18 i decided to take of of my dads old trailers and turn it in to a paint booth. i was going to attempt to paint my car. what did i have to lose?

then i was done.. i thought.. it is "blu cepheus" a lambo blue.

then i went crazy and installed 4 point harnesses and a roll cage. and lots and lots of other engine/ interior things in the past year.

then a month ago i put the rear mount turbo back on.. i pretty much did the exact same thing as before (boost doctors oil pump, t3/t4 garrett, 9psi, 550cc injectors) but now its acting strange.. when i start building boost it begins to flood itself, literally.. the afr will drop from about 14.3 to 10 and its a huuuuuge loss of power and it shuts off. i thought it was just a boost leak after my maf and the unmetered air loss was causing it to run lean so i took the intake plenum off where i saw air was leaking and sealed it. still doing the same problem. it shouldnt be my tune since its the same exact setup as before on the same tune. i think it might be how i have my catch can and breather vented. i cant remember how i had it setup before.. how do you guys have a single turbo vq motor valves vented? and also ever since i put the turbo back on, when i build boost, the turbo begins to leak a little oil and burns off (smoke). so i took it off and put a genuine garrett rebuild kit on ot and it fixed it for a day and then boom the next day i was troubleshooting my afr problem and it starts leaking again. so i took it apart again.. and i replaced just the hot side seal (it was broken). so whats causing this?! i unplugged my drain line on the turbo and started the engine briefly and oil pours out the drain as it should. and my boost doctors pump is pumping it back to my oil pan spacer. (feed line coming from filter sandwich) so do i need a second oil pump to reduce oil pressure or what? i need to solve these turbo issues one by one.

as you can tell i am obsessed with my Z. i really hope somebody can give me some input, im only 18 and i know this car in and out but not too good at troubleshooting forced induction. thanks guys
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First of all,my COMPLIMENTS on taking on this rebuild!
Actually,doing the original turbo install was quite a challenge.

I don't know if you are gonna get a definitive answer on this forum.
Maybe you will...It seems that forum members change from time to time.
Lately I've not seen any hard tech info as you need in discussion.
It would seem that this is a TECH forum you would.I was previously a member of the
"other" Z forum.Possibly you may try that avenue if you get no response here.
There were still some old timers that did their builds left rather than the Civic guys
moving up.What area do you live?Is there a Z shop nearby?Or,a shop that specializes
in FI?My area has Z1 Motorsports(Atlanta area).They would know how to tackle
your problem.You may want to gve them a call.maybe just for some input.John
Parham is the guy to talk to.
Good luck!
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Thanks for the reply, and I live in Roanoke, Virginia. Little to no performance shops anywhere close to here that would even touch my car. The closest dyno is a hour away and I had to buy the Nissan software for him to tune my z because he only tunes ford and Chevy. So I guess I'm out of luck on getting advice. I posted on the "other" forum and had no luck there either.
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