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dkmura 12-07-2016 10:16 AM

Colorado Z Drivers- Beware of Winter!
Since there's been virtually no posting in this section for a couple of years, here's one that's on the periphery of the "Show and Shine" area. For 2016, the Colorado Dept of Transportation (CDOT) has announced they will start using a brine solution on our roads and highways during winter storms. This solution consists of 25% salt and the rest water. While effective in keeping ice from forming in below freezing temperatures, I've seen similar solutions used in Nebraska and they're extremely corrosive. While the mag chloride solutions used by CDOT in past winters have been bad enough, this new brine solution promises to be worse for our Zs.

Typically, I get my redline track model out at least once during each of the winter months when the roads are dry. Depending on how much brine CDOT puts down, that may change...

dkmura 12-09-2016 10:41 AM

Of course, the weather has brought a snowstorm pattern through Colorado. With sub freezing temperatures and frozen roads, it looks like the Z will be stranded in the garage for awhile.

dkmura 12-15-2016 11:36 PM

After a week of melting snow and warmer temps, I took the Z out today. No sign of the telltale white coating on any of the Denver roads that might indicate a heavy coating of brine had been laid down. Took three separate trips to different locations in SE Denver and didn't encounter any problems with the Z. It was near freezing for the first trip and I lit up the rear tires the first time I got on it. Such are the joys of driving a Z car after an extended hiatus.

Freezing temps and another snowstorm return just in time for the weekend. The Z is already tucked away in the garage once again.

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