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Originally Posted by Piotr Bizon View Post
Also: any recommendations for street suspension? Don't mind car being more bumpy

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Originally Posted by dkmura View Post
Koni 8241 Sport shocks are what I use on my street Z. Combined with Eibach Prokit progressive springs they make a sweet combo.

I have the same static setup as dkmura and love the shock adjustability (to suit whichever tire/wheel combination I'm running at a given moment); however, I am a bigger fan of the ride improvement, quality and handling of the Bilstein B12 ProKit set up over stock. (Shocks are Bilstein, springs are Eibach and lowers the car ~ -19mm). It's also the cheapest way to get into a set of 'Steins. (I started with the B12 PK but gave away my Bilsteins to a starving student. Uhhh, my son. Switched to the Konis following; ride stiffness is a bit more harsh.)

Sway bars are the best bang for the handling buck - if you don't need shocks (but with 110k and assuming original shocks, you needed them 50k ago. Laff.)

But the most overlooked thing when people start messing with the suspension. ALIGNMENT is the most important thing you can do for handling, even stock. Keep in mind though, there is no camber adjustment stock. If you lower the car, you MIGHT be able to get away without having to align but the right way to do it is to install adjustable FUCAs and rear camber arms. Then take it to a competent alignment person who knows how to work with aftermarket adjustables. Most shops haven't a clue and will do the usual toe and caster adjustment to factory spec (because that's what's programmed into the Hunter (or whatever rack they use) and that's where they stop. Problem is, adjustment of any one of the three angles affects the other two. Do camber first, toe next, then caster. Then go back and check the other two again.

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