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Thanks for your response.

Originally Posted by PerfZ View Post
Only when he clutch is engaged or only when the clutch is out and you are running? Our clutch can be noisy, some worse than others, but with your mileage guessing a throwout bearing. Just a guess though as I have 143,000 on my original clutch and no aberrant noise at all.
Thanks for your response. I'm an ooooold mechanic that has been out of the auto industry for decades, but I try to do as much work on my own cars as possible, so I've been trying to trouble shoot this for a while. It doesn't matter if the clutch is in or out, it can make this noise. I was beginning to think I had a strut issue, because it started off sounding like you'd hit a bump in the road & you'd hear a squeak from the frontend area, but then I would pull up to a light, stopped, & would hear the noise echoing off of the curve, so that took care of that thought.

Wow, 143,000 on your original clutch? Awesome. I wasn't sure when to expect it to start going bad. There's no slippage, it grabs fine.
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