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Abs are made in the kitchen. You have to eat right and actually see it through.
Muscles are built by hard work either in daily activities or the gym. So if you want a rippling 6 pack you have to build the muscles to see them!
I am so tired of seeing people who go to the gym who have huge beer bellies and they just do 10 sets of bench and then they leave. Why even workout? (if you want to call that a workout) Your body learns how to deal with strain when is comes to exercising. Its called a plateau. Your body gets used to stress you are putting on your muscles and eventually you will not grow in strength or size or endurance. You have to F****** push yourself. Yes that means when you leave the gym you should be sweating and feeling like you actually did something besides walk around and check out the opposite sex and make conversation.
If people are actually serious about getting in shape they would be at the gym sweating their asses off doing many different exercises not just focusing on the ones that will make them look good.
I love doing squats it is easily my favorite exercise. It is also one of the most physically tiring things you can do but its worth the sweat and pain.
Working your abs is great I agree. But i also can't stand guys with big upper bodies and fucking chicken legs. I believe that exercise should be total fitness. Not just your biceps abs and chest.

Sorry for ranting I just felt the need.
All the exercises in this thread are great ab workouts BTW.

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