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I have recently moved to Spain, and decided to take my Z with me (a 2003 model).

Having previously had an Audi TT, I assumed (I know, it's the mother of all f**k ups), that on looking behind the lights there would be a little slider (or similar) to convert from LHD to RHD setting.... On arriving in Spain I popped the lid, and guess what ~ Wrong!!! :-(

Due to the enclosed nature of the lights, I drove from Bilbao down to Murcia thinking I'd sort this when I got here!!! So after scouring the web (and not finding a definitive answer), I jacked-up the car, removed the wheel, and the plastic cover to gain access to the back of the lights - Nothing!!!!

I am now assuming, although I hope somebody can give me definitive answer, that it is impossible to do this? I further assume that placing a sticky beam deflector over XENON lights wouldn't be effective (particularly for long term use)?

So am I faced with buying a new pair of lights? These appear to be VERY expensive (particularly as this is now over 5 years old!)

I found a place in the states on ebay, that sell an after-market version for <£200 including shipping, but am worried about the quality, as well as having to remove the front bumper to fit them!!

Any advice would be gratefully received (Except that I shouldn&#39;t make assumptions, I&#39;ve already had that one from the wife!)

Please help

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