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QUOTE (bxzcd @ Mar 21 2008, 01:36 AM)
That saying about a six-pack being made in the kitchen is true. It doesn't matter how many crunches you do or whatever. If you eat more than you burn, then you're going to gain weight. Also, theres no such thing as spot-reduction of fat (i.e. doing crunches won't burn off just belly fat). An important part of getting a toned physique is also cardio and weight training. A good way to get started with weight training is with compound exercises. The guys at the gym who are ripped are, more likely than not, advanced lifters, hence, they also include more isolation exercises in their routines.

I generally lift weights 3 times a week and do cardio 3 times a week as well. I keep my diet fairly restricted, but I have a sweet tooth, and occasionally I have to eat the brownie a la mode.
Core workout routines FTW!

QUOTE (Jetpilot718 @ Mar 22 2008, 10:32 AM)
Yeah, just tried that, and it's a lot harder than it sounds! I did all 15, but the last one, I almost fell through the floor when I jumped off the chair! Good leg workout. It will run you out of breath tho, you're right (and doin it at 6,000 ft elevation in my hotel in Montana probably didn't help!).
I can't imagine doing that at 6000ft, but I've done several sets of those (25 each set) as part of a routine and it hurts.

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