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Iraq was a mistake. A sign of intelligence is learning from your mistakes. Bush shows no such intelligence. There were alot of people for the war in the beginning that have now opened their eyes (me included).

/Still waiting for Bin Laden.
//Still waiting for WMDs
///Still waiting for a real "Mission Accomplished"
I was 100% for invading Afghanistan, and killing every last one of the mother fuckers that had anything to do with 9-11.

I remember watching FOX News at my mother's house when the rumors of an Iraqi invasion were surfacing. We still hadn't caught Bin Laden.

As far as I was concerned, as long as Iraq wasn't a direct threat to US security, then we needed to finish what we started in Afghanistan, and capture Bin Laden, before we became engaged in another war.

So I was for bombing the shit out of Afghanistan and the Taliban, and against the invasion of Iraq from the very beginning.

When I run for POTUS, this shit will become important.

Oh yeah, V-Power will cost .50 cents a gallon when I'm the Prez.

Reading that article hurts my brain. Politics, as usual, is somewhat dangerous when exposed to it.

I see nothing wrong with changing your mind once you learn things that enlighten one's perspective. You cannot tell me that you haven't ever changed your mind about any issue that you felt strongly about and eventually was convinced that it was not as you thought.

I'm loyal to my convictions, but even I'm open to becoming wiser and learning the truth. If I make a mistake based on a personal opinion or skewed knowledge or information and find out about it, of course I'm going to man up and admit that I made an error in judgement. It's called being mature.
This is exactly why I like you.
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