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The entire intake manifold can be replaced by one of the following. This is more ideal for forced induction 350z's and really opens up the engine to receive the maximum amount of air.



Cosworth Intake Manifold
  • List Price:
  • Found For: $1,510
  • Design: Full Intake Manifold
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Application:
  • Manufacturing: Casting
  • Notes:
  • Cosworth

Kinetix SSV Manifold

Kinetix SSV
  • List Price: $999.99
  • Found For: $820
  • Design: Replaces both upper AND lower factory plenums
  • Material: Polished Stainless Steel Manifold
  • Application: suggested for F/I, works with N/A also
  • Manufacturing: Full Intake Manifold
  • Notes: Keeps OEM strut bar
  • Review
  • Install
  • Kinetix

Kinetix SSV Manifold Install 006.jpg

Our long awaited SSV complete manifold solution for the 2003+ 350z and G35 replaces both upper AND lower factory plenums. By maximizing plenum efficiency and improving airflow with new intake runner design, the new SSV manifold is a must have performance modification.

Works great in both NA (naturally aspirated) and FI (supercharged or turbocharged) applications. Expect to see a much smoother and stronger power curve, and expect your car to scream past 6000 rpm.

This manifold is constructed entirely of Stainless Steel, then polished out for an absolute beautiful finished product that looks as great as it performs. We chose stainless because of its great thermal properties, conducting 10X!! less heat than aluminum and eliminating much of the manifold's mass, which greatly helps with heat soak. Stainless is definately more expensive than aluminum, but the finish shines brighter and definitely longer. The overall manifold SAVES 10lbs of weight over stock! Precision TIG welding throughout, and a CNC cut 3/8" main flange. All mandrel bent runners and charge tube, this manifold rivals the quality of manifolds twice its price.

We improved greatly upon the factory plenum designs. The factory lower plenum creates MANY dips and turns which do not promote good airflow and create turbulence inside your factory intake. We developed a straight shot design, eliminating the twists, turns, and obstructions. We then took each runner and also added velocity stack inlets to each individual runner for even better performance . . . thus the name S.S.V. = Stainless Steel Velocity.

This Manifold is a DIRECT replacement and will work with any aftermarket intake. It also allows you the ability to use the factory strut bar, or any aftermarket strut bar. There is an engine cover which will be sold seperately which will be available soon.

We recommend an A/F tuning on Forced Induction vehicles (turbo and supercharged) after installation of the SSV in order to maximize power and overall engine reliability. Tuning is generally not needed in Naturally Aspirated ( NA ) applications.

Each manifold is supplied with all necessary hardware and instructions. There is an additional port supplied which can be used for boost gauges, etc.

SSR-Engineering Manifold

SSR Engineering Manifold
  • List Price: $995.00
  • Found For:
  • Design: Full Intake Manifold
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Application: F/I
  • Manufacturing: TIG welded
  • Notes: loss of torque, not recommended for N/A applications, keeps OEM strut bar
  • SSR Engineering

Having the ability to fully customize your vehicle, and having such a large variance and choice between manufacturers and components, why skimp out on quality, reliability and performance? Well now you don't have to, we have made another quality product, our Intake Manifold features a fully custom plenum and unique runners to compose a uniquely styled intake manifold. Tested on our G35 we have made 402WHP @ 6.4 PSI with help from our manifold (Stock motor, cats etc.) For all pictures visit our gallery at

Intake Manifold: - Fully TIG Welded Aluminum - Aluminum Runners - 1/2 Thick Aluminum Flange - 350z's Maintain Stock Strut Tower Bar

SSR-Engineering Manifold V2

SSR Engineering Manifold
  • List Price: $1450
  • Found For:
  • Design: Full Intake Manifold with dual chambers
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Application: F/I
  • Manufacturing: TIG welded
  • Notes:
  • SSR Engineering
  • Intercooler piping for Twin plenum intake manifold-$300
  • Cold Air intake for Twin plenum intake manifold-$300
  • Polishing-$350
  • Powdercoating-$300

In our pursuit for perfection, we quickly realized the the intake manifold on the VQ35 motor was not ideal for maximizing power.It comes in multiple pieces and is very restrictive.The runners at the front of the motor get less air then the runners at the back of the motor. This means that a lean condition can occur, which could destroy your motor.

In order to address this situation, we designed an intake manifold that flows equally across all six cylinders.We also increased the volume in the plenum to maximize power.The Speed Force Racing intake manifold replaces the stock unit with a piece of art that performs even better then it looks.This intake is also perfect for direct port nitrous set-ups.We have seen 50ft/lbs of torque and 40 horsepower at the wheels on low boost Forced Induction cars!

The Speed Force Racing Intake Manifold for the 350Z and G35 is built entirely out of 5052 and 6061 aluimnum.Each runner utilizes a velocity stack to maximize airflow and velocity.Each plenum is formed for maximum airflow. Every SFR intake manifold comes with provisions for the stock components. We can weld bungs and fittings for direct vacuum connections,MAT sensors,etc...... for FI vehicles.

These intake manifolds can be set up to run twin throttle bodies.[[Category:Parts}]]

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