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On the 350Z
On the G35

The ATI Procharger supercharger was one of the very first forced induction kits available for the Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35. This is a centrifugal supercharger kit which means the Supercharger Head Unit (or Blower as commonly called) is driven by a belt / pulley system that connects to the engine's crankshaft pulley. Because of this, boost builds linearly in relation to engine RPM. So, at idle the supercharger is running at a low RPM and as the engines RPM increase the supercharger's RPM increase.

The ATI Supercharger Head Unit is a “self-contained” design which means that it has its own internal oiling system. Because of this installation is simplified as you do not have to mount an oil-feed pickup on the block and you do not have to tap the block for an oil return line. With this setup, you change the supercharger oil every 6,000 miles (every other oil change).

The basic ATI Procharger kit comes with a pulley that typically produces 6.5/7psi of boost and makes between 335-350rwhp on average. The standard kit comes with an in-line fuel pump and Aeromotive DFMU (Digital Management Unit). This unit increases fuel pressure under boost to achieve the desired air-fuel ratios. This is a simple but inexpensive way to meet the car's fuel demand under boost. The ATI Procharger does not come with timing control. It is dangerous to run a boosted 350Z or G35 without timing control. There are several methods to remedy this. See ATI Procharger Timing Control below for different suggestions.

The ATI Procharger can also be ordered in Tuner Kit form. This basically means that the kit comes with all of the hard parts (supercharger head unit, brackets, pullies, belts, and intercooler) less the fuel components (in-line fuel pump, fuel adapter hose, and DFMU). This allows you to not have to pay for the ATI fuel upgrades and purchase other fuel upgrades on their own. See our Suggested Upgrades below for ideas and advice.


From ATI

The new H.O. Intercooled ProCharger system for Nissan 350Z’s produces a 55-60% horsepower gain (with a conservative 7-8 psi of boost) on stock motors running pump gas, with the ability to support even higher power levels. This supercharger system is a 100% complete bolt-on, and delivers the coolest charge air temperatures available, for maximum engine longevity as well as power. Standard equipment includes a highly effective air-to-air intercooler system and the self-contained, gear-driven C-2 ProCharger model, with 3-year supercharger warranty. Installation is very straightforward, with no accessory relocation, and can be completed in approximately 8-10 hours. A tuner kit for modified applications is also available.

The C-2 ProCharger for the 350Z features ATI’s patented self-contained oiling technology, which delivers cooler operating temperatures and eliminates the need to punch a hole in the oil pan. The C-2 also features a patented progressively linked compound bearing system, which maintains reliability even with the higher boost and power levels possible with intercooling. Due to the positive impact of intercooling upon both performance and engine longevity, only intercooled ProCharger systems are being offered for the 350Z.

Similar systems are also now available for the Infiniti G35 Coupe and FX35 sport utility. These new products join ATI ProCharger’s existing sport compact line of intercooled supercharger systems for the Honda Civic Si 1.6L, Acura Integra 1.8L, and Ford Focus, as well as a Universal Sport Compact Kit for other applications.



The 350Z Procharger kit does not come with timing controls. There is a long history of blown engines due to this and it is highly advised that you purchase either a full engine management system, or a timing control box to prevent damage to your 350Z.

Kit Overview

List Price$6500
Found Price$5400 ($4800 for the Tuner Kit)
Application2003-2005 350Z & G35
Base PSI7psi
Base Power
Base Torque
CompressorProcharger C-2
Pipingaluminum, silicone, and plastic tubing
FuelAeromotive DFMU, inline fuel pump to increase pressure of OEM injectors
EMUNo emu included. FMU only in the standard kit.
Air FilterK&N located above the front intercooler
Blow Off Valvenot included (see our tutorial on how to add one)

Tuner Kit

A tuner kit is available for 350Z owners wanting to develop or purchase their own tuning and fuel solutions. The tuner kit does not include the fuel pump or Aeromotive DFMU. This kit is ideal for those wanting a safe kit and want more control over the performance via a piggyback engine management solution such as the TurboXS UTEC or GReddy eManag Ultimate. Larger fuel injectors are highly advised when purchasing the tuner kit for the 350z, since the addition fuel pump is not there to increase fuel pressure of the OEM injectors.

Procharger C-2 Centrifugal Supercharger

Procharger C-2 Supercharger

Aeromotive DFMU

Aeromotive DFMU

ATI uses the Aeromotive DFMU fuel management unit to regulate fuel to the VQ35DE. Combined with an inline fuel pump, the DFMU increases the capabilities of the stock fuel injectors.


Front Mount Intercooler

The 350Z Procharger kit includes ATI's own full width front mount intercooler (FMIC). The intercooler is available polished as well as the standard satin finish. It features bar and plate construction with vertical flowing elements. A single inlet and a single exit reside on the driver side of the intercooler and the piping dives down and around the wheel well area coming up under the fender into the engine bay.

Suggested Upgrades

Potential upgrades for this kit are:

Pulley Upgrade
Pullies are offered in various diameters to achieve the user's desired boost level. As always, tuning is necessary when changing boost levels.
This is a basic piggyback style EMU designed with a conservative tune in mind. However it is possible and easy to change out the EMU SZ for another engine management system with readily available support such as the TurboXS UTEC or Greddy e-Manage Ultimate.


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