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APS Twin Turbo System

On this page and the related links, you will find answers to anything you may need or want to know regarding the APS Twin Turbo System for the Nissan 350Z. We have collected all of the specs, articles, images, and more to provide the best and most complete information that you will find anywhere for this turbo kit. The turbo system is available in two variants: Full Kit, and Tuner Kit. Both are covered in this guide.


Kit Overview

List Price-----
Found Price$7,450
Application2003-2005 350Z & G35
Base Power420 HP (per manufacturer claim, may not be realistic)
Base Torque-----
CompressorGarrett GT2535R Dual-Ball-Bearing Water-Cooled (custom made for APS) with APS Internal Wastegates
IntercoolerAPS DR Series Bar & Plate Air-Air Front-Mount
PipingPolished Stainless-Steel and TIG-welded intake and turbocharger discharge
FuelAPS Return Fuel System (Rubber fuel lines, Walbro 255lph in-tank fuel pump, (6) 500cc fuel injectors, APS fuel pressure regulator)
EMUUnichip Piggyback Engine Management
Air FilterAir Power Systems (APS) Air Intake
Blow Off ValveAir Power Systems (APS) Twin-Vent


Other information:

  • A tuner version of this kit is available allowing the customer to choose their own engine management and fuel delivery systems.
  • APS Oil Pan included



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