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How exactly can i turn my stock 350z to a decent drifter?

I'm looking to buy a 350z and it's a 2004. It only has 90k miles and is bone stock minus a small body kit and aftermarket headlights. I really REALLY want to turn it into more of a drifter than a daily driver, but still be able to drive it to work. I was wondering if someone could give me a list or something on what would be best to do? Cold air intake and turbo? Best body kit and i would like a fat GT wing. What chip? Where can i remove some parts for weight reduction? What else would i need? A list and what order to do it in would be nice. I have a budget but being told what to buy can lead me in the right direction. The Z i'm buying is manual of corse so i'd also probably need a short throw. Thank you for your help!
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Welcome and that's a lot of questions! First off, it needs to be said that buying a Z to be BOTH a drift car and a DD is simply not possible. There's not a "list" on how to turn a Z into a drift car anymore than there's a tried and true way to turn one into a road racing machine. Many mods appropriate for performance are simply at odds with being a good, reliable street machine.

But let's simply start with the basics: bolt-ons like CAIs and exhausts will not provide any appreciable power gains. On the other hand, the VQ engines need a LOT of time and money to be turned into reliable FI engines. Turbos added onto a stock engine usually result in a blown motor in a short time. The VQ is a sophisticated modern engine and there is no "engine chip" that can be used to tune the engine. One company, UpRev Performance has developed a tuning suite that can be used to reflash the VQ parameters, depending on the mods being used. Do a more extensive search on that company for further details.
Body kits and fat wings just add weight and won't help you to drift any better. Pulling stuff from the Z's interior doesn't help much either, as Nissan sourced mostly lightweight materials and components. This is particularly true of a car that gets you back-and-forth to work. As for the short throw shifter, the 350Z already has one of the best in business and drivers who know how to use them don't need an aftermarket unit. Possibly the best thing you could do is take a driving course (maybe specific to drifting) to improve your own skills.
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Hi Michael Reese,

I just actually bought a Z and am currently drifting it now. I would say this is all my opinion so far and I've attended 2 events so far and it will drift no problem. So in my opinion the following things to do in order to get your car in "drift ready shape". DKmura is right though, if you plan on drifting this car, i would have another car to drive as a daily...

1. Welded rear differential - this will be the cheapest and easiest way to get you sliding. Depending on where you live you should be able to find a local auto shop to do it. i would suggest looking on facebook for car groups in your area to reccomend someone! At this point you can technically drift the car, but the things beyond this make the experience a whole lot better depending on your budget.

2. has a great harness bar so you can get at least a 4 point harness to keep you put in the seat (big help). Go to and find grafitti harness bar. I also reccomend Bridge moto 4 point harness. It's easy to install and comes with all the hardware to attach to your stock seat.

3. I feel like a decent HYDRO E brake is a must too. You can clutch kick and still get it sideways or feint drift into a corner, but this will be a big help. Again, depends on your budget. has a lot of good stuff for decent prices. ASD Makes a great hydro brake and if you need more explanation let me know. You will also have to disconnect the ABS fuse under the hood when you get it installed.

I feel like these things are the absolute necessities. I'll list some other items in order, and this will all depend on your budget. Of course, if you can afford good new cheap tires this is the better option, as they don't wear out as fast as used tires. you can drift all day on 2 sets of tires unlike with used tires you might go through 3 or 4 sets.

4. A good quality clutch - Competition clutch is what I put in mine. Several hundred bucks but you can thrash on them.

5. Racing bucket seat with bracket ( i bought the Corbeau seat for like 300 ish bucks and it's decent without breaking the bank, i also bought the corbeau bracket and it sits too high for me. My helmet hits the roof and i'm only 5' 6". I've heard the Buddy Club seat brackets fit lower)

6. Removable steering wheel quick disconnect with short hub from NRG along with an aftermarket steering wheel (NRG has some good stuff without breaking the bank)

7. Coilovers- A good set of true coilovers unlike the seperate shock and spring you have setup in the rear now. BC makes a good set of true coilovers probably around $1000.

8. Aftermarket radiator to keep your temps down.

9. Intake system -

10. New exhaust and cut out the catalytic converters to free up some power.

11. Past this there's a ton of upgrades you can do, but i would say run this setup for a while and learn the car. The Z will certainly drift no problem. Learn the car and improve your skill and then you can start getting fancy with angle kits, etc.

Hope this helps!!!
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Thanks for sharing the information...
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