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Default Which year 350z is the best, and why?

Hey guys, I'm new here. I have been seriously considering getting a new car and have now almost for sure decided that it will be the 350z. Granted, I am planning to get it in 1 to 2 years, I can start looking now, and if I find something good, you never know.

So my question is, what year 350z is the best? I've looked all around google and other forums, and many of the questions are either unanswered, or old. My budget will be around 15-20 grand (hopefully that's realistic, I'm looking around now and finding 2006/7's for 20-25, so hopefully in one to 2 years the price will go down around that range.

I've heard there is feathering problems in the 03/04's, and engine problems with the 'rev-up engine' years. Before, I was leaning towards the 2006, but then found out that the vq35de was replaced by the vq35hr one year later, which = more horsepower and torque. This obviously appeals to me , but would it be wise buying the 2007 with the engine having it's first year in the 350z? I've been checking out those sites that tally recalls and complaints and have seen a lot for the 2007 powertrain...

So, to conclude, I am leaning towards a 350z (manual), with the best power, handling, and reliability. Hope you guys can point me in the right direction! Thanks!

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There are so many factors above what you have listed. I mean, if you have some fixed caps on price, i would consider the newest and with the least amount of miles. So for your price in a year from now, I see no reason why you can't get an '08 at least an Enthusiast model or higher. For example - right now if you hunt really hard, you can get an '08 for about $20,000 - $22,000 (and up of course). That will be under 25K miles on the ODO as well.

I suspect though that if you hold out for two years, you mine as well look at a 370Z which will be in your price range.

With regards to model issues - most people who have these cars get those said issues resolved, not always though. And typically what you see on the forums is biased towards "issues" not "my car is doing great today!" So keep that in mind. And also consider the fact that in a year or two, I wouldn't even consider anything older than 2007.
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Good points, but the thing is, I obviously do have a budget, but if I can get a great quality car AND have a few g's leftover, that's an even better deal, I just don't want to be sacrificing quality for a few g's and such. I also read that the Z models just improve each year, so the newer the better, but right now I am leaning towards an 07 because of the more powerful engine and such. Thanks for the help.
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If you can swing a 370 do it.....The interior upgrades are nice compared to 350 models.
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The newest model you can afford (incl. the 370Z).
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Originally Posted by aust350z View Post
The newest model you can afford (incl. the 370Z).

I'd maybe rephrase that with "the best condition one you can find". If some automotive tourist bought one and thrashed it for a year without servicing it properly, it'd still be worse than a 2 year old one driven by an old bloke who maintained it beyond the logbook requirements.
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'03 through '05's are getting old and you could get an oil burner if you get an '06. If you can get a 370, I'd definitely do that. On paper, it doesn't look THAT much better than the 350 but it really is.
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Get the newest car you can find as has been suggested by others.
If you can, get and 07 or 08. Very significant changes and both of those are equally good.
My last Z was an 03 and now I have an 08.
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Just bought a 2008 Enthusiast last December. Got it for $22,100. It had a lot of extras on it too. It also had only 4,000 miles on it. This was verified with CarFax and AutoCheck. So you could easily get a 2008 with your budget.
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