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Default New HU + Door Speakers but keep old stock sub/amp?

Hey I have posted this question on a few forums and must not be clear about it. I want to use the stock sub and amp but replace the headunit and door speakers. People are saying to use the PAC system but I am going to be running the door speakers off the headunit so the PAC thing makes no sense if it is only for the SUB.

My question is about the subwoofer output from the BOSE headunit. Are they simple RCAs or some other unique goofy BOSE wiring? If so then you would somehow need to convert the sub RCA outputs from the head unit into what ever signal the BOSE amp requires.

If they are just RCAs then it is a simple fix unless the RCA signal the bose amp expects is at a different Ohm/voltage value.

If anyone can let me know it would be appreciated.
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